Add a free online store to your website

Merchium magically creates a complete storefront anywhere you want!

Run your free store in 10 seconds!

Online store that moves with you

Merchium can be easily pinned right into a Facebook page, WordPress blog, Joomla, Wix, Weebly, or any custom website.

Merchium is an extremely powerful online store with tons of e-commerce features for you to use.


Merchium mobile storefront is specially tailored for small screens and touch interface.

Easy multi-channel commerce

Publish your store on many platforms to attract more customers via different channels.

Ready when you are

Launch a store in seconds, customize it in minutes, and start selling immediately.

Crafted for mobile

Webshop at your fingertips

For phones and tablets, Merchium offers a storefront that has been designed from scratch specially for mobile devices. It uses familiar gestures like swipe and pinch and works on all major platforms.

Use this phone on the right to see the mobile storefront in action. You can use either your touch screen or mouse.