Smart content management

Merchium offers flexible easy-to-use content management tools

Powerful admin panel

Your Merchium store comes with a personal admin panel. It is packed with dozens of features and helps you to get full control over your store.

All the necessary tools for worry-free work are just at the tip of your fingers, intuitively arranged and presented in clean and modern interface.

Built-in content management

Your Merchium admin panel includes a full-fledged content management system.

The built-in CMS offers an easy way to create rich and SEO-friendly content pages for your site. You have full control over your page navigation and hierarchy. A modern web-based WYSIWYG editor will help you to create beautiful pages in real time.

Product filters

Product filters provide a convenient way to search through store catalog. With Merchium, you can easily create custom product filters based on any product feature.

Return management

With the built-in RMA system, customers can quickly create a return request and track it on their profile page. All requests can be easily handled via the admin panel.

Multi-language & currency

Merchium is available in 10+ languages. Your customers will be able to switch languages and currencies right in the storefront. Prices are converted immediately.

Multi-store by design

Merchium offers a great scalability with additional storefronts (on Platinum and Unlimited). All storefronts are controlled from the same admin panel.

You can customize each storefront individually giving it a unique look and feel. In addition, every storefront can have its own customers and products isolated from the other ones.