Ready for selling and delivery

Merchium lets you take payments and arrange shipments directly

Real-time shipping rates

Integration with major shipping providers like FedEx and USPS allows Merchium to show actual shipping rates directly on the checkout page.

Delivery cost based on the customer’s shipping address and online data from the shipping provider is calculated in real time.

Smooth shopping

From putting a product into the shopping cart and up to checkout, your customers will enjoy smooth and fast transitions.

Shipment management

Merhium has a flexible shipment management. You can split an order into multiple shipments and even choose a type of delivery for each of them.

Natural checkout

Merchium’s step-by-step checkout process is very simple, and your customers will appreciate it.

All checkout steps are shown on a single page making the whole process easy to follow and intuitively clear.

Payment and taxation options

Ready to sell from the start

With major payment options like credit card and PayPal, Merchium lets you start selling online almost immediately.

Flexible tax management

Merchium has advanced tools for complex and location-based taxation. You can define the taxes according to the shipping or billing adress and give them the needed priority.