Fast and furious

Merchium brings smooth and fast shopping to your customers wherever they are

Lift off!

Merchium is powered by the cloud to offer blazingly fast shopping experience. It doesn’t matter whether your store is on Facebook, WordPress, mobile or anywhere else, Merchium delivers content with lightning speed on any platform.

With Merchium, you don’t have to worry that your customer will wait for a page to load. We designed it to deliver smooth shopping to every visitor.

Cloud-powered search

Powered by the Searchanise cloud search service, Merchium stores deliver relevant search results in real time.

Searchanise provides smart search suggestions, real-time spellcheck, “did you mean” tips and powerful full-text search.

CDN support

Merchium offers the Amazon CloudFront CDN support by default. All the benefits of a Content-Delivery Network are at your service just in a few clicks.

CDN is a collection of servers distributed across the globe. It stores your static data (e.g. images, CSS, and JavaScript files). For a customer, this means better response time when accessing your site, because your content takes a shorter path to their browser.