Power search by Searchanise

Merchium ships with a ready-to-use fast search add-on by Searchanise

Universal search

Searchanise speeds up search in Merchium stores. It offers instant search suggestions and robust full-text search.

Searchanise is extremely powerful. From the first keypress, it shows relevant search suggestions, product previews, categories and content pages. It saves your customers’ time and leads them straight to the product they need.

Search history

Searchanise keeps tracks of your customers’ searches and shows relevant suggestions from their search history as they type, along with other search results.

Reminding a returning visitor what they were looking for during the last visit helps them to continue their journey.

Real-time indexation

Searchanise results are always fresh. Your catalog is constantly monitored in the background, and your search index is immediately updated when something changes.


Typos and mistakes make no problems for Searchanise. It automatically corrects errors, finds the right things and offers “did you mean” hints.