Merchium Marketplace Is Live

Find new themes and apps for your Merchium store
Merchium Marketplace Is Live


We’re happy to announce that Merchium Marketplace is now live. It contains four free themes and a free app created by our team. We will add more free themes periodically, and invite our partners to join us in creating more beautiful themes and useful apps for Merchium.

Themes are visual styles for your storefront. Different themes have different layouts, color schemes, and fonts. After you install a theme from the Marketplace, you can customize it with Merchium’s built-in visual editor.

Apps add new functions to your store, like online chats, CRM services, new payment and shipping options, and other useful things.

Call to Developers

Merchium is a growing platform with big ambitions. We’ve just started our expansion in the APAC region and we aim for global presence among giants like Shopify and Bigcommerce. Merchium is a great platform to develop themes and app for.

If you’re a developer, we invite you to become our partner and contribute to Merchium Marketplace growth. For every theme you sell you will have 70% profit share, for every app—80%.

Marketplace Profit Share

Creating themes for Merchium is easy, and you have all the tools available right in the store admin panel. For app developers, we’ve created a powerful API that allows storefront modifications, catalog management, and event handling via webhooks.

Check out our developer documentation on theme and app development. We’ll be happy to answer all questions on the developers’ forum.

We believe that with your help and help from our partners Merchium Marketplace will become a great source of high-quality apps and themes. Please share your ideas for apps on the support portal. Our team and our partners constantly look through the ideas posted on the portal to find out which apps are the most relevant and needed.

What do you think about our Marketplace so far? Please share your opinion in the comments.

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Merchium Marketplace Opens for Partners

Become a partner and sell apps & themes for Merchium
Merchium Marketplace Opens for Partners


The Merchium Marketplace is where merchants will buy themes and apps for their stores. Today, we have great news for developers and designers who want to sell their work via the Marketplace and to benefit from Merchium’s growth.

The Merchium Marketplace is now open for partners. If you want to sell apps and themes on the Marketplace, email us at and we’ll send you a personal invitation to join a secret registration page.

The Marketplace is currently running behind a curtain; only our team and the partners have access to the site. Once the Marketplace has enough apps and themes, we’ll open it to the public.

Why Become a Partner

As our partner, you will get 80% of the profits from every app and 70% of the profits from every theme you create and sell through the Marketplace. To withdraw funds, you’ll need only a PayPal account.

Marketplace Profit Share

By entering the Marketplace now, you are putting your apps and themes in a privileged position: when the Marketplace opens to merchants, your work will be the first thing they see. You’ll benefit from a market with a low concurrency that is under growing demand.

What a Partner Does

There are two roles that a partner can fulfill: theme designer or app developer.

Theme designers use Merchium’s built-in editors to create themes for Merchium storefronts. Being a theme designer requires CSS knowledge and visual design skills. No programming or template code editing is involved. Learn more about creating themes for Merchium in the docs.

App developers contribute to Merchium by adding payment, shipping, and helpdesk services, marketing tools, and other useful things. You can develop apps for Merchium using any programming language. Please refer to the Merchium API docs and the official app developer guide to learn more.

How to Join

Email us at to gain access to the Marketplace.

Read the docs to learn how to create apps and themes for Merchium.

If you have any questions during development, feel free to ask our team via the developer forum (to log in, create a free Merchium account).

We’re happy to answer any questions about the partnership in the comments section.

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