Introducing New Plans

Merchium receives free plan, dumps disk space limitations, and changes plan conditions
Introducing New Merchium Plans


We’re updating Merchium subscription plans. The prices remain the same, but there are a few major changes:

  • Merchium how has a free plan for beginner merchants.
  • Gold and Platinum were replaced with Basic and Premium.
  • Disk space is not taken into account on all plans.
Merchium Pricing Table

Existing customers are free to switch to the new plans or remain on their current ones.

Free Plan

We are happy to announce that Merchium now has a free option for beginner merchants.

Free plan offers 1 storefront with 20 products. Maximum monthly revenue is limited by $1,000. Free plan includes all the necessary features to kickstart an online store:

  • product, category, and order management
  • 45 payment options and real-time shipping calculation
  • visual design editor
  • mobile-optimized storefront
  • free custom domain assignment
Free Plan >Basic & Premium replace Gold & Platinum

Our old Gold and Platinum plans were almost indistinguishable in the sense of features. Having two similar plans with one being twice as expensive as the other could confuse potential customers.

The new Basic and Premium plans are not only named more descriptively, they really differ in features. It is now easier to decide which one is the one for you.

Basic plan offers 1 storefront with 500 products, the ability to edit robots.txt, and the ability to turn your storefront into a catalog without the purchase option.

Basic Plan

Premium gives you 2 storefronts with 2000 products combined. Premium allows you to upload SSL certificates to HTTPS-protect your storefront on your own domain.

Premium Plan

No More Disk Space Limitations

For a merchant, it’s hard to understand how much really 16 GB is. Depending on product image quality and downloadable file sizes 16 GB means 10,000 or 100 products. With such plan limitations, it was hard for our customers to pick the right subscription and plan their business ahead.

So, we’ve decided to offer unlimited disk space on all plans. Instead, our new plans differ in catalog size and monthly revenue limits.

Store’s monthly revenue is calculated as total of all successful orders. Only the orders that decrease the number of products in stock are taken into account.

We hope our new plans will help Merchium reach more new customers. Please tell us what you think about Merchium’s new plans in the comments.

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