Meet the New Merchium

Meet the New Merchium


We are so thrilled to make this announcement: Merchium is back and ready to deliver feature-rich, embeddable, and affordable online stores. You are welcome to start your own online store in just a few seconds right now.

So what happened?

We suspended the Merchium project back in July 2014, when it was still in beta. This was not an easy decision, but we just had to focus on a different priority at the time.

Even though we have closed our service for new users and the project was publicly frozen, we never stopped improving it behind the scenes.

Today, we are proud to introduce you to the new and improved Merchium, with a faster development cycle, fortnightly updates, new features, and without the beta badge.

What’s new

Firstly, Merchium is out of beta. This means that our team is fully dedicated to provide the level of security, performance, and stability required for production software.

Merchium Is No More Beta

Secondly, we have updated our pricing and plans. For example, our most affordable plan includes unlimited products, unlimited traffic, and unlimited transactions with 0 % transaction fee.

Merchium Gold Features

Thirdly, Merchium will soon have the most generous affiliate program in the industry. If you create ecommerce projects to your clients and refer them to Merchium, you will earn up to 40% monthly revenue share. Contact us at to be the first to join our affiliate program.

Merchium Affiliate Program, Coming Soon

Lastly, we plan to open the Merchium Marketplace for our partners this year, together with the detailed developer docs and complete API for third-party integrations. To get early access to Merchium Marketplace, contact us at

Merchium Marketplace, Coming Soon

We will share more information about great Merchium features with you later in this blog. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get all the hot updates.

We are always happy to hear from you in our support portal.