Merchium Set for Global Expansion with Australian Partner

Merchium Set for Global Expansion

Simtech and Spyre Digital announced a strategic partnership for further global expansion of Merchium.

Spyre Digital, a leading Sydney-based digital agency with a history in ecommerce, will exclusively manage Merchium’s sales and marketing operations in the Asia-Pacific.

In 2014, for the first time, the Asia-Pacific region surpassed North America for consumer online purchases, making it the largest regional ecommerce market in the world. Total sales are expected to reach $680 billion, increasing from $525 billion in 2014.

“We’re thrilled to start this partnership with Spyre. Merchium is a great product; we strongly believe in its success, even under the heavy competition in the industry. With Spyre’s marketing efforts and our technical expertise, Merchium has the potential to conquer a large share of the Asia-Pacific market,” said Vladimir Kalynyak, founder and CEO of Merchium.

“Given our experience and location, it makes perfect sense to establish an exclusive partnership that utilizes the strengths of both our companies. The opportunity exists for Merchium to lead the market as a hosted ecommerce solution, but we’re up against giants so we will need to use our positioning to compete aggressively,” said Matt Marchetta, Managing Director of Spyre Digital.

Merchium combines the power of CS-Cart with the ease and speed of cloud software. The first initiative of the alliance will be the release of the Partner Program, which is expected to launch in the next 2 weeks. Partners are encouraged to join the program and develop their own Merchium themes and apps, and share in the revenue.