Minute-Ready WordPress Store with Merchium

Sell on WordPress with Merchium


WordPress is the most popular site builder on the web. Just imagine—WordPress powers about a quarter of all sites! In fact, even our own blog—the one you’re reading now—uses WordPress.

WordPress is a familiar tool for tens of millions of users . . . so wouldn’t it be great to create online stores with WordPress, too?

Now you can, with our new Merchium plugin for WordPress! See the live demo here.


To create a full-fledged online store in WordPress, you will need a Merchium account (free signup) and the WordPress plugin. We’ve published detailed instructions in our support portal. The Merchium plugin for WordPress works with WordPress versions up to 4.1.

You can redesign your WordPress storefront from the Merchium admin panel. Each of your storefronts can have a unique design, yet they all represent the same product catalog and share the same customer base.

Merchium for WordPress

Tell us what you think about Merchium for WordPress in the comments. If you have any questions or suggestions, we’ll be happy to hear them in our support portal.

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