Switch to Merchium. We’re Paying

Migrate from Shopify, Magento, or one of 60+ other platforms, and we’ll extend your subscription to cover the expenses
Switch to Merchium with Cart2Cart

We believe Merchium is a worthy competitor to Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, and other major ecommerce solutions. Merchium ships with features worth a dozen Shopify apps, a ready-to-use Facebook store, and a fancy admin panel that makes Magento look like ancient history.

If you already have an online store on a different shopping cart, switching to Merchium is a great opportunity to get a flexible platform while keeping your catalog, order history, and customer base.

We want to make switching to Merchium as simple as possible. This is why we’ve partnered with the leading shopping cart migration solution, Cart2Cart, and offer 100% compensation of the migration cost.

We offer 100% compensation of your migration cost

The idea is simple: you get as many free months as needed to fully cover your expenses.

If you paid $50 for the migration to Merchium Premium, we’ll grant you one subscription month, worth $64. If your plan of choice is Basic, you get two months, and so on.

Starting a migration is easy:

  1. create a Merchium store,
  2. register at Cart2Cart,
  3. follow the instructions in our support portal.

Migrate to Merchium Steps

Cart2Cart copies products, orders, and customer profiles to Merchium. The process is fully automatic and takes an hour tops. You’ll get your compensation within one business day after you pay for your migration.

We’ll be happy to answer any question about the migration. Feel free to contact us on the support portal or leave your questions right here in the comments.

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