We share revenue
with freelancers and agencies

Earn by creating stores with Merchium
and selling themes & apps on the Marketplace

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30% per month for every subsciber
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Use Merchium to build online shops for your clients or just share your affiliate link and get up to $38 monthly for every subscriber attracted. Sign up and get your affiliate link!
70% per theme for every theme sold
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Merchium themes are easy
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80% per app for every app sold
on the Marketplace
There’s a big demand for
apps that add new
payment, shipping and
accounting services to Merchium.
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Merchium seamlessly integrates with your platform

Merchium generates a ready-to-use storefront widget which can be used inside WordPress, Facebook, Wix, Drupal, Joomla or any custom site.

Create a full-fledged online store on your customer’s existing site and get your monthly revenue share.

We want to make Merchium the most attractive platform for professional store creators. This is why we offer higher commission than Shopify or Bigcommerce and help our partners all the way.

Ilya Shalnev, Merchium CTO and cofounder

We will help you create and sell your work

Docs & tutorials Easy-to-follow examples will help you get started
Live advice Our developers are happy to answer your questions
Free promotion We write about new stuff in blog and newsletters
Dev stores Create up to 5 free stores for testing and demos
Built-in designer tools Edit layouts and CSS directly in your dev store
Private apps Ship custom-made apps directly to clients
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Q: How popular is Merchium?

A: Every day about 20 stores are created on Merchium. There are more than 6000 stores now.

Q: How much does membership cost?

A: It’s free for all types of partnership.

Q: Where can I find help?

A: First of all, try our docs. If there is no answer, ask our dev team for assistance.

Q: How will I get my share?

A: Partners receive their payouts monthly, on their PayPal accounts.